TREV Neighborhoods

Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village (TREV) Master Plan includes 335 home sites grouped into 4 residential neighborhood clusters, to be developed in 4 phases with a diverse variety of desirable housing types that include single family homes, townhomes, patio homes, courtyard homes, small homes, carriage houses, casitas and live/works. By clustering homes on smaller residential lots, TREV provides a walkable community where more of TREV’s Project Site area is allocated permanently to open space as part of TREV’s very unique 185 acre Eco-Farm Park. With this unique clustered development solution, TREV’s Eco-Farm Park permanently occupies an unusually large 56% of the Project Site to provide the community with very unique park, recreation and agriculture uses and experiences. As a result, the Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village is able to offer wonderful community amenities, activities and events for those who appreciate community grown organic food, walkable access to TREV’s convenient commercial Village Center and for those who desire an active lifestyle with abundant and compelling onsite outdoor activities.

Creating friendships and memories

TREV’s Residential Cluster Development includes:

Neighborhood Cluster 1a: 61 Lots (53 Homes & 8 Live/Work Units)

Neighborhood Cluster 1b: 18 Lots (18 Homes & 18 Casitas)

Neighborhood Cluster 2a: 18 Lots (18 Homes)

Neighborhood Cluster 2b: 35 lots (35 Homes)

Neighborhood Cluster 3: 42 Lots (42 Homes & 15 Casitas)

Neighborhood Cluster 4a: 86 Lots (86 Homes & 15 Casitas)

Neighborhood Cluster 4b: 75 Lots (75 Homes & 10 Casitas)

Residential Lot Total: 335 Lots
Residential Unit Total: 393 Units

Village Center Live/Work & Work Force Housing

Village Center Live/Work Units: __ Lots 

Village Center Work Force Housing: __ Units