Welcome to Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village (TREV), a very special walkable mixed-use “Agrihood“ community where a variety of clustered homes and our convenient commercial Village Center surround a beautiful 185 acre Eco-Farm Park filled with an abundance of food production, trails and recreation amenities, located on the north side of Taos and conveniently accessed from New Mexico Highway 150 on the way to Taos Ski Valley.

We invite you to explore our community master plan’s Permaculture based evolution of the existing Tarleton Ranch into an environmentally responsible Eco-Village that produces its own food, purifies its waste water for farm irrigation reuse, generates its own renewable energy, maximizes open space with clustered development, provides enhanced ecosystem biodiversity, promotes environmentally conscious green building construction and provides an opportunity to pursue a net zero carbon footprint contribution to the health of our planet for future generations. 

Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village Introduction

An unusually large 56% of the 331 acre Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village Project Site is allocated to the open space provided by TREV’s unique regeneratively sustainable 185 acre Eco-Farm Park, where bountiful localized nutrient rich organic food is grown and the community can enjoy miles of trails and recreation amenities.
Our unique interdisciplinary village planning incorporates principles and concepts of Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND), New Urbanism Smart Code, New Ruralism, Agricultural Neighborhood “Agrihood” Design, Passive & Active Renewable Energy Design, Green Building Design and Permaculture Science in a manner similar to successful communities like Seabrook (Washington), Lookout (Washington), The Sea Ranch (California), Village Homes (California), Agritopia (Arizona) and Whisper Valley (Texas). 
Building on a solid foundation of the Tarleton Family heritage and wonderful Taos traditions, the Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village Master Plan offers a blueprint for a new level of environmentally-sensitive community development. 

Site Plan 2024


Our Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village Master Plan includes the following Eco-Village uses, businesses and amenities: 

Community Eco-Farm Park (185 acres)

Permaculture based Eco-Farm Agriculture (Production, Demonstration & Retail)

  • Farm Retail Center, Farmers Market & Nursery
  • Farm Service Center Facility and Activity Barn
  • Eco-Farm Cells for outside (in-ground) &
  • Indoor Greenhouse (Aquaponic, Hydroponic & Live Organic Soil based) crop production
  • Food Forest (Polyculture) Ecosystems & Shelter Belts
  • Heirloom Seed Bank
  • Mulch, Compost, Live Soil & Organic Fertilizer Production
  • Permaculture Demonstration & Education Center (GaiaQuest)
  • Worm Farm & Bee Keeping
  • Natural Ecosystem Restoration & Enhancement
  • Ranch Animals & Protein Sources – Expansion of existing ranch operation to include the following species integrated into the eco-farm service center, grazing pastures, food forest ecosystems, greenhouses, ponds and lane-way access corridors.
    • Cattle & other Big Animals (Pigs, Goats & Sheep)
    • Small Animals (Chickens, Ducks, Quail & Rabbits)

Irrigation Features, Sources & Earthworks

• Acequias
• Gray Water
• Storm water 
• Stream
• Swale Basin Irrigation & related Permaculture Earthworks
• Recycled wastewater from TREV’s Tertiary Treatment Plant, after it is filtered by
engineered wetland purification system w/ reed beds

Community Park and Recreation Features and Amenities (see Village Amenities and Resources below)


Residential Cluster Development (335 Lots)

Offering For Sale Homes, ranging from entry level starter homes to luxury custom homes: 

  • Detached Single family large & small Homes
  • Attached Courtyard Houses, Patio Homes & Town Homes
  • Carriage Houses
  • Casitas
  • Neighborhood Live/Work Units, available for occupancy as Live/Work or Town Homes

Rental Apartments, Condominiums & Homes

• Work Force Rental Housing provided in Village Center and Neighborhood Clusters for Taos County
• Long Term Rentals
• Vacation Rentals

Village Center (78 Lots)

Commercial Development Opportunities (796,740 sf)


  • Primary Luxury Hotel, Spa
  • Restaurant & Conference Center
  • Boutique Hotel or Inn
  • Midscale Hotel
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Euro-style Hostel
  • Retail & Services
  • Art Galleries
  • Bank &/or ATM Machine
  • Brewery
  • Car Rental
  • Child Day Care & Youth Education Center
  • Coffee House / Bakery
  • Distillery
  • Eldercare, Urgent Care & Medical
  • Fitness, Spa & Wellness Center
  • Grocery Market
  • Deli
  • Mercantile
  • Offices
  • Pharmacy (such as CVS, Walgreens)
  • Real Estate Sales & Rentals
  • Restaurants
  • Retail & Specialty Shops
  • Village Center Live/Work 2 & 3 Story Live/Work Opportunities – with permanent commercial use at ground floor level & flexible mixed uses above. 



Village Amenities & Resources

Central Eco-Farm Park, Plaza & Neighborhood Parks, Firehouse & EMS Services

Recreation Amenities

• Multi-use Paths & Trails, Athletic Facilities, Ponds, Pool, Picnic Areas, Fire Pits, BBQs, Dog Park, etc. 
• Renewable Energy Opportunities
• Ground-Sourced Geothermal Heating
• Passive & Active Solar Thermal & Hydronic Heating
• Onsite Community Solar Electric Farm
• Home Based Solar Electric
• Solar powered charging Stations for Electric Cars, Bikes & Farm Equipment

Town Hall & Center for Visual and Performing Arts

• Indoor & Outdoor meeting, show & performance spaces
• Studios & Classrooms for Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Crafts, Hobbies and other interests