New Ruralism & the Agrihood

Permaculture based Sustainable Farming

The Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village (TREV) offers a Permaculture based evolution of the Project Site’s existing agriculturally zoned land, from cattle ranch and hay farm into a beautiful community Eco-Farm Park, where regeneratively sustainable nutrient rich food is grown for the surrounding mixed-use community.

The Eco-Farm component of TREV’s Master Plan incorporates and has been thoughtfully created with the principles and concepts of Permaculture Science, New Urbanist Smart Code and New Ruralism.


COME GROW WITH US – where walkable Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village mixed-use Community Neighborhoods and Village Center surround our beautiful and very unusual 185 acre Eco-Farm Park; filled with Trails, Park Amenities and Bountiful Food Production!

Site Plan 2024


Productively using TREV’s Open Space for Permaculture based Agriculture, our community’s Eco-Farm Park has been thoughtfully master planned to include the following Eco Farm Agriculture Amenities and Infrastructure:

Eco-Farm Center (Demonstration & Retail)

  • Farm Retail Center & Nursery
  • Farm Service center Facility
  • Food Forest Ecosystems (Polyculture)
  • In-ground “Lane” Crops
  • Mulch, Compost, Live Soil & Organic Fertilizer Production
  • Permaculture Demonstration & Education Center (GaiaQuest)
  • Year-round Production Greenhouses (Aquaponic, Hydroponic & Organic Soil based)
  • Small Animals (such as poultry, ducks, & rabbits)
  • Fish Production
  • Worm Farm & Bee Keeping

Irrigation Sources, Features & Earthworks

        • Acequia (with existing water rights)
        • Recycled Tertiary Treated Waste Water
        • Storm Water
        • Stream
        • Permaculture Swale Basin Irrigation & Related  Earthworks
        • Tertiary Treatment Plant Outflow, cycled through engineered wetland purification system with reed beds


Ranch & Protein Sources (to be integrated into farm)

Expansion of existing ranch operation has been thoughtfully master planned to include the following species integrated where appropriate into the eco-farm service center, grazing pastures, food forests, greenhouses and lane-way access corridors:

        • Cattle
        • Other Big Animals such as Pigs, Goats & Sheep
        • Grazing Pasture & Lane Ways, within food forests
        • Small Animals (duck, poultry & rabbits)
        • Fish & other Aquatic Species Production