Over the years, the Tarleton family has explored many development options for their Tarleton Ranch property that included the creation of several conceptual master plans. As part of their planning efforts, Michael Tarleton got actively involved with Taos County community planning, most notably as a longstanding board member of the Upper Los Colonias Neighborhood Association (ULCNA). Working closely with the ULCNA, Taos County has established and adopted comprehensive Land Use Regulations and Zoning Overlay guidelines for all development in the ULCNA area where the Tarleton Ranch property is located. Additional development guidance is also provided by Taos County’s Comprehensive and Economic Development Plans.

Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village

Following a suggestion offered by their development partner Mark Yaravitz, at the end of 2016 the Tarleton family hired a professional permaculture expert and community planner named John Halley to create a comprehensive eco-village master plan for the Tarleton Ranch property, based on successful time tested community planning sources of New Urbanism, Traditional Neighborhood Design, Agricultural Neighborhood “Agrihood” Design, Green Building Standards, Renewable Energy Options and Permaculture Science. 
As part of the planning process, Mr. Halley provided an opportunity for members of ULCNA and other nearby associations to review in-progress planning so neighbors could get involved and inform the project with their community ideas, interests, suggestions and concerns. The resulting TREV master plan that the Tarleton family has elected to pursue now acknowledges the neighbors by providing substantial development accommodations and concessions, way beyond the norm of what real estate developers are typically willing to do.  These concessions include:
Reducing development content to approximately 50% of what the existing Taos County zoning allows. 
• Providing a buffer of residential use and open space between proposed commercial development and existing residential neighbors.
• Eliminating intended neighborhood road connections to Valencia while at the same time providing convenient emergency access to Valencia for everyone’s benefit. 
• Moving the TREV waste treatment plant at the request of neighbors located to the south of the Tarleton property.
• Eliminating the industrial brewery that was originally proposed for a site located next to Valencia and restricting Tarleton Lane to only provide access for TREV’s farm service center and existing homes,
• Providing reduced height limit sight lines in some locations that are well below what is allowed by code.